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    CBD is one of the most misunderstood yet powerful products in the world to supplement your body with for optimum health and well being

    Belinda of Sileo Health & Wellbeing has affliliated with Orange County CBD to bring you their premium, award winning CBD

    Orange County CBD

    Orange County CBD

    In 2019, Orange County CBD founders jumped in a VW and explored Route 66. In the midst of tasty BBQ, fluffy pancakes, vast canyons and the museums and landmarks that call to every tourist, they came across fields of the world’s best hemp.

    That’s when inspiration struck. If they could source premium CBD grown under the Cali sun on certified hemp farms, and combine that with the ingenuity of British manufacturing, they’d be able to provide an unrivalled CBD experience  for the UK.

    Stringent quality control and advanced extraction methods mean Orange CBD products are cleaner and more powerful than most others on the market.

    Award Winning CBD

    Award Winning CBD

    Orange County CBD are the most decorated CBD manufacturer in the world. With Twenty Two industry awards recognising their success, they havce shot to the forefront of the CBD market in just a few short years.

    From notable events such as the Cannavist Awards and the Hemp and CBD Expo all the way to the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup, tjey have won the respect of some of the largest organisations in the CBD industry.


    CTA Member

    CTA Member

    The Cannabis Trade Association is a voluntary organisation that works with CBD manufacturers and government agencies to help facilitate communication and set industry standards.

    Orange County CBD believe that reputation is just as important as quality. The amount of misinformation surrounding CBD is staggering, presenting a barrier of entry for those looking to enter the world of CBD. Fighting this misinformation and raising the reputation of the CBD industry is what the CTA is all about: a cause which Orange CBD are proud to support.

    (Belinda is an affiliate to Orange County CBD and receives a commission on every product sold via the above link)

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